Education is the key to success. But how can you strike that optimal balance between training and learning? Do you want to achieve success beyond sport? As an athlete it’s vital that you choose a school or university that will work with you to achieve your aims for both your education and your sports career.

Why don’t you explore the benefits, challenges and opportunities of pursuing a dual career, balancing sport and education? Dual career can also mean pursuing other opportunities alongside your sporting career, such as employment, internships or entrepreneurship.

What are the benefits for you?

As well as enabling you to gain an academic qualification, balancing sport and education can provide a variety of benefits. These include:

  • Learn to successfully balance two or more aspects of life without sacrificing your prime pursuits and reach your potential in both areas.
  • Health and psychological benefits such as reduced stress and increased well-being. Education allows you to give yourself a break and have a different focus or a positive distraction.
  • The opportunity to enhance current skills, develop your life skills and become more well-rounded.
  • The chance to expand your social networks beyond sports.
  • Enhanced employment prospects with transferable skills for the future.
  • Prevention of identity crisis and allows you to expand your identity.
  • A dual career does not mean giving up on your sporting dream, that your sporting performance will suffer or being negative or doubting your sporting ability.
Athlete365 Career+ Balancing Sport and Education

Striking the perfect balance between training and learning.


Shaping your future beyond sport.

Career Transition: Preparing for Future Success

You will learn why planning is fundamental to settling into your life post-Sports, what strategies to prioritise and manage your time better, as well as the importance of networking and how it can enhance your employment opportunities.

Strategies for a successful dual career with education

Studying is the key to success, but how can you strike that perfect balance between training and learning? Discover the best way to combine school with sport with these quick tips and corresponding exercises.