Delivered with The Adecco Group, Athlete365 Career+, offers qualified athletes a limited number of career advice session with an expert from The Adecco Group. This session is provided at no charge to athletes.

In your session, you’ll receive bespoke free-of-charge career advice that will help you transition successfully into a profession you love and secure your future beyond sport, this includes: CV builder, interests and ambitions assessment and career options review.

We have a limited number of places and if selected the session is conducted via video link or a phone call in either English, French or Spanish.


Preparing for what comes next should be a priority for every athlete, but it is hard to know where to begin. Whether you’re a retired athlete, an athlete nearing retirement, or an athlete considering a dual career – we have the perfect tool to help you figure things out.

In the current business environment, companies are on the lookout for new sources of talent. Employers are increasing their focus on candidates’ soft skills such as those reflected above. Have you optimised how you reflect your skills on your CV and interviewing messages combined with your hard skills? Do you possess one or more of these qualities… a winning mentality, passion and energy for success, extraordinary dedication, the ability to work to a tight schedule, drive and self-motivation?

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If this offer sounds like something you’d like to receive, contact us today. You could be selected to participate in a free-of-charge career advice-session, please note there are a limited number of opportunities available.

Following your submission, a member of the Athlete365 team will then contact you to further understand your background, experience and career ambitions, this will allow us to align you with an expert from The Adecco Group based on your region. 

What athletes have to say?
What was the most important advice? Don't be afraid to begin to learn. How/why did it impact on your career after sport? It gave me a clearer idea about what I want to do.
Why would you recommend it to other athletes? To discover the soft skills you developed throughout your career and exploit them; to clarify your goals; and to improve your working tools, such as your resume. What was the most important advice? To identify and narrow down my mission and my goals. It helped me to ask questions about myself, and to
Why would you recommend it to other athletes? It was a great experience – not only for the content, but also to be surrounded by athletes in the same position as you are, who are nearing retirement or have already finished their career.
The Adecco Group

Who are they? 

The world’s leading provider of HR services and solutions; delivering up-skilling, temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition and talent development. The Adecco Group is an official partner of the International Olympic Committee supporting more than 45,000 athletes worldwide to reach their potential beyond sport.

How does it help Athletes?

In partnership with the IOC, The Adecco Group delivers the Career+ programme that supports athletes in achieving life-long success in education, life skills, and employment. It enables athletes to integrate into the workforce and give them the chance to benefit from a dual-career and transition successfully from sport into the world of work.