Athlete365 Career+, delivered in co-operation with The Adecco Group, supports you while you prepare for and go through your career transition. It provides you with the resources and training required to develop your life skills, maximising your education and employment opportunities.

Athlete365 Career+: Preparation for lifelong excellence. 

Athlete365 Career+ is an initiative of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, and since 2005 has supported more than 45,000 athletes worldwide.

It is run in partnership with National Olympic Committees and The Adecco Group, one of the world’s leading providers of Human Resource solutions.

The programme is delivered through three main channels: online career resources, Outreach programme and Country programmes.

Why should you get involved?

As elite athletes, you have three specific characteristics:

  1. All of you will retire, and almost all of you will need a job after your sporting career ends.
  2. Most of you have educational and work backgrounds that are different from non-athletes.
  3. All of you have demonstrated that you have what it takes to be the best in the world in your sport.

We know that saying goodbye to your sporting career and facing the reality of moving on can seem like a big challenge. The move from a structured, purposeful career to one that is somewhat unknown can be a big jump to make. But thousands of athletes just like you make this transition every year. This programme recognises the challenges and opportunities you face in achieving success in sport, and in your next career.

How can Athlete365 Career+ help me?

If you participate in Athlete365 Career+, you can enhance your opportunities for the future. Whether this is in anticipation of retiring from sport, or as a young athlete, our programme helps you to understand your skills, make informed career decisions and expand your network. The earlier you begin to prepare to be successful for life, not just sport, the greater the likelihood is that you will enjoy a successful transition. These are some of the excellent, free services available to you:

Explore Assessments help you align your unique talents, values, and interests with your career goals.
Prepare A variety of tools and resources will quickly get you ready to communicate your unique value.
Get involved Check out the online career advice and virtual coaches services available for you!
Connect Use the skills and knowledge you’ve learned to connect with people and a variety of opportunities.

The Adecco Group
Who are they? 

The world’s leading provider of HR services and solutions; delivering up-skilling, temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition and talent development. The Adecco Group is an official partner of the International Olympic Committee supporting more than 45,000 athletes worldwide to reach their potential beyond sport.

How does it help Athletes? 

In partnership with the IOC, The Adecco Group delivers the Career+ programme that supports athletes in achieving life-long success in education, life skills, and employment. It enables athletes to integrate into the workforce and give them the chance to benefit from a dual-career and transition successfully from sport into the world of work.

Athlete Success Stories
In my boxing life, I’ve benefited from being trained by top professionals, and now Athlete365 Career+ has helped me to develop the professional approach required to get between the ropes of the working world with confidence.”
Athlete365 Career+ has helped me get a great job and develop my career skills whilst earning a living and still training and competing at the elite level.
Athlete365 Career+ sessions have helped me to build my confidence about my work prospects. I’m aiming high in sport, work and life, and Athlete365 Career+ gives me the support and knowledge I need to hit those heights.