Natural resources need to be conserved to support the health of the planet, and Aya Medany OLY wants you to play your part.

After retiring from competition, Aya joined a sustainability ambassador group to learn more about what you and your fellow athletes can do.

Check out the “How to be a Sustainable Champion” guide to learn how you can make a difference.

We can’t be selfish with natural resources. We have to think about future generations.

Aya Medany OLY

I have been keeping tabs on my water and energy consumption for as long as I can remember. My father, Mahmoud, won the Nobel Prize alongside Al Gore in 2007 for his work on climate science and he kept a watchful eye over the household’s use of resources.

He would tell us not to boil too much water, and only boil the water that we intended to use. But over time I inherited his concern for the planet.

After retiring from my career as a modern pentathlete in 2013, after representing Egypt at three Olympic Summer Games, I studied logistics and international transportation at the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transports and, while studying for my PhD, I joined the ‘Sustainability Ambassadors in Egypt’ programme with the intention of discovering ways sport can play its part saving the world.

Preserve natural resources

You can limit your use of resources by changing equipment less often, but you might need more support from federations and equipment producers. We use a lot of equipment and change it really often, but there have to be ways for us to recycle that equipment and give it to people who could use it. This can provide two benefits: helping others while conserving precious natural resources.

In your home lives, it’s about simple things; remembering when to switch lights off and only using the water you need. You probably need to take a lot of showers because of the sweat you generate when training. Maybe instead of letting the shower run continuously, fill the bath up a little bit and use that water instead.

As athletes we think that everyone must do everything to help us win a medal. But we can’t be selfish with natural resources. We have to think about future generations.

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