From 23 July, we are asking you to share stories about people who inspired or continue to inspire and support you in your sporting career.

Check out our questions and our quick content tips, then get crafting your social posts.

For further information about the campaign and to see some examples to follow, download the Athlete Toolkit here.

22 JULY 2020

We are experiencing a once-in-a-century event. We’ve felt pain, disappointment and loss. But the Olympic Games can help lift the world and demonstrate true unity and solidarity. Let’s remind the world we are #StrongerTogether.

About the campaign

On 23 July, with one year to go until the Opening Ceremony for the postponed Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, we are asking you to share inspirational stories on your social media channels by answering any one of three questions:

Who makes you stronger? Whether it’s family friends, coaches, mentors, team-mates, fans or even pets, share a story about who lifts you up.

Who made you stronger? Champions, underdogs, legends or local heroes – who inspired your Olympic dream?

Who brings your team together? Whether you’re an individual athlete with an entourage or you’re competing in a team sport, who sets the example, raises the bar and steps up for the benefit of the collective?

How you can get involved

In these difficult times, we believe the world needs to hear these stories, and we’re sure that those important people in your life would love to get the shout-out too. To maximise the impact of your social posts, follow these quick content tips:


Be simple. Always keep things short, simple and clear. Words have a greater impact when used sparingly. One to two sentences typically work best.


Be human. Tell inspiring stories by focusing on inspiring people and the betterment of humankind. People who not only achieve greatness for themselves but who also inspire others to new heights.


Be you. Don’t overthink it. You know your own story and audience better than anyone. Share an authentic story about someone who has made you stronger. Consider photos from your childhood or candid photos/videos with the people who have inspired you.


Stay away from anything related to brands and commercial messages. We don’t want #StrongerTogether to feel like an advertising platform.

For further information about the campaign and to see some example posts to follow, download the Athlete Toolkit here.