As the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 approach, all accredited athletes (Aa category) participating will be eligible to vote from today, 13 July, in the Olympic Village.

At Tokyo 2020, four members will be elected to replace those finishing their terms on the IOC AC. Chair Kirsty Coventry, Tony Estanguet and James Tomkins OAM will conclude their term at the of the Games, while Vice-Chair Danka Barteková is standing for re-election. Appointed member Stefan Holm will also conclude his term at the end of the Games.

How to vote

In the Olympic Village, athletes can cast their votes at the voting booths located in the Athlete365 Space at the entrance to the main dining hall. In satellite villages and official hotels, voting booths are also available on specific dates during the Games, with 11 locations in total, the most ever for an IOC AC election. Voting will close at midday on 3 August, and the results will be announced the following day.

Athletes will be able to vote for four candidates from the 30 who are standing for election, and those four athletes must come from four different sports.

The voting process will be fully in line with the COVID-19 countermeasures included in the Tokyo 2020 Playbooks, developed to ensure the health and safety of all Olympic and Paralympic Games participants and the people of Japan.

Meet the candidates

The 30 candidates standing for election represent the global athlete community, hailing from 30 countries across five continents, and 19 different sports. Each was nominated by their respective National Olympic Committee and approved by the IOC Executive Board.

The full list of candidates can be found here.

“It’s inspiring that so many athletes want to make a difference to athletes’ lives by joining the Commission themselves,” said Kirsty Coventry, Chair of the IOC AC.

“I am impressed by the diverse representation of sports and countries, and it demonstrates how much athletes care, want to share their voice and play a central role in the Olympic Movement. It is exciting to have such a high calibre of candidates.”

About the IOC AC

The IOC AC is composed of a maximum of 23 members, 12 of whom are directly elected by athletes during the Games, with a maximum of 11 appointed members to ensure balance between genders, regions and sports.

The IOC AC plays an important role within the Olympic Movement, representing the global athletes’ voice at the IOC. At each edition of the Olympic Games, athletes have the opportunity to vote for their representatives on the Commission who work to empower and support athletes around the world at all stage of their career.