Athlete365 delivered two exclusive online workshops, to AC Chairs that offered support and guidance on moving forward following a challenging year.

Managing uncertainty and change creates an opportunity for development and growth, and it’s the perfect time for ACs to work and grow together.

Find out how to apply for the NOC AC Activity Grant, which could help you create new workshops and programmes for your athletes.

Developing methods to manage uncertainty and change will lay the foundations for your Athletes’ Commission to thrive ahead of Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022, and beyond. Our two exclusive online workshops, led by expert facilitator Jenna Clarke, offered support and guidance to AC Chairs. Here, we talk you through the key takeaways from the sessions.

Grow in awareness and challenge your perspective

Practising mindfulness and becoming aware of the challenges and concerns you’re facing can help you and your AC to succeed. While it’s easy to get caught up in the negatives, in building your awareness and learning to reflect on trying times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, you can begin to shift your perspective and see challenges as opportunities for growth.

In building awareness, start by asking yourself: what is my biggest challenge or concern right now? Once you’ve found your answer, you can start to shift your perspective by asking yourself the following questions: what am I learning and what is the opportunity? Your answers may be very personal and could be linked to how you feel about yourself, or difficulties you’re facing at home.

These questions will help you discover which area of your life needs the most attention from you right now. After this, your next steps include the actions you’ll take and the commitments you’ll make to move forward, and identifying the support you might need on the journey ahead.

Identify your AC’s priorities and find a balance

We’ve created a specially adapted “Wheel of Balance” to help you map out your AC’s next steps. Its purpose is to encourage you to analyse the key components of your Commission and consider which area(s) of your AC needs most of your attention and focus right now. By identifying these areas – which could be improving athlete support and education or increasing awareness of your AC and its mission – you can then identify concrete actions to take to help address them.

It’s about recognising your top priorities in order to move your AC forward and finding a balance to ensure that the key areas of your AC are effectively working together. This simple exercise will allow you to adopt a more proactive approach in planning your next steps and is a great starting point for sharing ideas with your group. It will help to encourage feedback and identify potential synergies.

It has been great to share thoughts and ideas with other ACs in a similar position.


Sarah Davies, IWF Athletes’ Commission Chair

Work together as athlete representatives

Science has it that, as humans, we’re hardwired to look at things from a negative point of view. But we can challenge that ourselves by regularly and consciously asking what we like about our ideas. That’s a good habit to get into, because idea sharing is important in ensuring that, individually and collectively, ACs function at their best.

Reflecting on the successes of your AC and ways you could work with other athlete representatives is a perfect place to start, particularly during a time of uncertainty. Ask yourself these questions: Have you come across any potential synergies? Do you have a project that could involve or benefit other ACs? Do you have any best practices to share? Could you share your key success and innovations? You might find that there are more opportunities than you thought to leverage your efforts together with other ACs.

To access more resources designed to help Athletes’ Commissions, including the Athlete365 Network app, click here.

Apply for financial support from Olympic Solidarity 

The NOC AC Activity Grant is available each year to every NOC AC. We want to encourage all ACs to reach out and benefit from the USD 10,000 grant.

ACs used the funding throughout 2020 to organise national athlete forums, workshops, and seminars covering key topics such as athlete empowerment and upskilling the AC, Tokyo 2020 preparation, anti-doping, and safeguarding. So many impactful programmes became possible for ACs worldwide thanks to the new funding, and we are here to help more of you receive this financial support.

For more information on how to apply to Olympic Solidarity for the annual grant worth up to USD 10,000, click here.