Clare Egan received the largest number of votes, making her Chair. She will be joined by three other athletes in a gender-balanced Committee.

The Committee will serve from 2018 until 2022 and will act as a key link between active athletes and the IBU’s executive board.

Clare will be joined by Aita Gasparin (Switzerland), Erik Lesser OLY (Germany) and Martin Fourcade OLY (France).

‘A great honour’

Clare Egan received 130 of the 399 votes cast at the IBU Athletes’ Committee election, the highest number from her fellow athletes, and has spoken of her privilege at such confidence being placed on her to take on the role.

“It is a great honour, a bit of a surprise, and a clear mandate to continue the fight for integrity and clean sport within the IBU,” said Egan.

“Thanks to the work of our predecessors – Lowell Bailey, Darya Domracheva, Ole Einar Bjørndalen and Aita Gasparin – the newly-elected Athletes’ Committee is poised to take on a more central role in IBU governance,” she added.

“I take this role very seriously and I’m motivated to work on behalf of all IBU athletes as the new chair of the Athletes’ Committee.”

Olympic legend Fourcade OLY among new members

The Athletes’ Committee, composed of two male and two female athletes, acts as a link between active athletes and the IBU’s executive board. Vocal in critiquing prevailing issues such as doping, Egan has the support of her peers in helping to move the sport forward.

Aita Gasparin of Switzerland is the only returning member of the current committee having received 105 votes, with Erik Lesser OLY of Germany (100 votes) and Martin Fourcade OLY of France (98 votes) also joining. They will each serve from 2018 to 2022.

Gasparin is the youngest sister of fellow biathletes Selina and Elisa Gasparin, while Lesser OLY is a three-time Olympic medallist. Fourcade, meanwhile, became the most successful French Olympian of all time with three gold medals in PyeongChang taking his overall tally to five.

Having a gender-balanced Athletes’ Commission is a great way to ensure that a diverse range of voices is heard.