The activity grant, worth USD $10 million in direct funding, was first recommended at the 2019 International Athletes’ Forum before plans were approved by Olympic Solidarity in October.

Your NOC Athletes’ Commission can apply for a USD $10,000 yearly grant to develop and promote the athlete voice within your NOC.

NOCs who do not already have an AC can still apply for the grant and use the funding to establish one.

As part of our ongoing commitment to strengthen athlete representation within the Olympic Movement, we have launched a new NOC Athletes’ Commission (AC) activity grant that gives ACs across the globe more funding and support to promote the athletes’ voice.

Totalling USD $10 million per Olympiad, the support will consist of a USD $10,000 yearly grant available to each NOC for the activities of their AC. This grant is designed not only to allow existing NOCs to properly fund their AC’s activities, but also to ensure that NOCs which do not have ACs can access the funding required to organise elections and establish one.

For established ACs, our goal is that the organisation of activities such as education workshops, career transition programmes, annual meetings, and more initiatives to help your commission become stronger, can be supported via the yearly grant.

Apply for funding Now
Although the NOC Athletes’ Commission activity grant is part of the 2021-2024 Olympic Solidarity plan, we are pleased to confirm that you will be able to start your applications right away.

To access the funds and have your voice heard, apply to us through your NOC with a complete application form including your plans around how to use the grant. As part of the process, NOCs will submit a technical and financial report at the end of the activity, to detail the activities which have been supported by the grant.

Work together with your NOC to apply for the NOC Athletes’ Commission activity grant. 
Applications forms can be downloaded in English, French or Spanish. 
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All applications duly completed and signed should be sent to paola.bueno-de-colley@olympics.com