Tokyo Essentials

Here are your athlete essentials you’ll need to be prepared for your Olympic Games.

Take a sneak peak into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village

Need to know

Everything you need to know all in one place, in preparation of the Olympic Games.

The Playbook – Athletes and Officials

This second version of the Playbook provides clear instructions that will guide us all as we continue to build more detailed plans – and the context that we will face becomes clearer.

FAQs: Tokyo 2020 Playbooks

We protect clean athletes by leading the fight against doping to ensure a zero-tolerance policy to combat cheating and to hold anyone responsible for using or providing doping products accountable.

Safe Sport

Safe sport means being able to train and compete in a fair and respectful environment free from all forms of harassment and abuse.

Beat the Heat

Find out how adverse weather can impact on your athletic performance and our expert recommendations to optimise performance and reduce the risk of illness.

Prevention of Competition Manipulation

As an athlete, you have a responsibility to protect your sport, your career, your hard-work. Find out more about competition manipulation and make sure you make the right decision.

Tokyo 2020 FAQs

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IOC Athletes’ Commission Election

Remember to vote in the Athlete Space, more information coming soon!

Can I Vote?

All accredited athletes (AA) participating in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 are eligible to vote.

Where can I vote?

At the Olympic Village; the voting booths are located in the Athlete365 Space at the entrance to the main dining hall Tokyo Olympic Village.

The Olympic Partner Programme
At Athlete365 we listen to the collective voice of athlete representatives. We truly believe that athletes are at the heart of the Olympic Movement and are key to shaping the future of world sport. Join us today!
It is essential that we support athletes with the most valuable information and resources at the right times throughout their career. Be our ambassadors, spread the word and help us share the information.
Athlete365 is a tremendous resource, both to learn about the Olympic Movement but also to develop skills that will help you be successful in your career beyond sport, or to help you give back to your community. I definitely recommend you spend some time getting to know the platform.
Athlete365 is a very good opportunity for the athletes coming from African countries and the smaller countries who don't have a really strong voice. You will feel like you are one family with us.
It’s the time to stand for athletes’ rights to make sure your voices are heard, especially for female athletes in all sports.
Athlete365 is an exciting platform that unites all of the IOC’s athlete-focused programmes under one engaging brand.
I’m proud to share my voice. Join me and shape the conversation.
This is our time. This is the right time to get the strong and united collective voice to represent the athletes.
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