Climate change, and the associated rising temperatures and extreme weather conditions across the globe, are having an increasing impact on everyone’s lives.

Whether it’s having to practise your sport in hot and humid summer conditions, or the disappearance of winter training centres and mountain venues, it is likely you’ve been impacted in one way or another. That’s why it’s vital that you, as members of the athlete community, have access to resources that allow you to expand your knowledge and take action that can influence behaviours. 

As an elite athlete, you are in a unique position to communicate with the world and inspire everyone to incorporate more sustainable practices into their everyday routines. We encourage you to explore the advice on our platform, and to read about and be inspired by other athletes who are having a positive impact on the environment. Together, we can promote a more sustainable way of life and make our mark beyond the field of play.  

How to be a sustainable champion

Today, every athlete and sports fan can see the impacts of climate change and other sustainability problems – from bleached coral in the ocean to plastic litter, air pollution, and less snow on our mountain ranges.

Download the guide here to find out how you can get involved.


What Athletes have to say
Sustainability has opened up so many more doors to people wanting to get involved in sport and athletes because it’s such a positive thing.
Seeing the impacts of climate change first-hand and hearing all of the discussions happening around it, I felt like I needed to get involved. My career and my love of snowboarding depend on it.
In 10 or 20 years from now, when you’re no longer competing, what can you do that will help you look back and say that you have contributed to humanity?
I really want to make a difference because I love nature and I love a clean environment, especially being an Athlete.
As Athletes we can choose to be sponsored by brands who are really trying to make a difference regarding climate change.
We can't be selfish with natural resources, we have to think about future generations.
Looking after the environment is very important to me.
Because of my platform, I can influence people to be sustainable.