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What is it?

Athlete365 is a community which supports you on every step of their sporting and non-sporting journey.


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How does it support Athletes

We do this by providing you advice, service and tools that support you across six main themes; Voice, Well-being, Finance, Careers, Games-time Integrity.

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Athletes’ Rights & Responsibilities Declaration

The declaration is a document which outlines the rights and responsibilities of Athletes.

Find out more about the Athletes’ Rights & Responsibilities Declaration

Athlete365 Business Accelerator

A programme that empowers you to become an entrepreneur during or after your elite competition career.

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Olympic Channel logo

What is it?

Olympic Channel is an internet television service operated by the International Olympic Committee.

How does it support athletes:

Through the Olympic Channel you get your own profile with up-to-date information about your sporting results for your fans, the media, and potential sponsors. This assures the best circulation of your performance and major achievements! Connect with your audiences by sharing your social media, web pages and other projects you might have!

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We should help support each other, rather than try to be better than each other.

Games-time experience

We continue to strive to provide you the best possible Games-Time experience.

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Olympic Solidarity programmes

Olympic Solidarity organises assistance to all the National Olympic Committees, particularly those with the greatest needs through multi-faceted programmes prioritising Athlete development, training of coaches and sports administrators, and promoting the Olympic ideals.

Find out more about the Olympic Solidarity programmes

Athlete365 Career+

What is it?

Delivered in cooperation with Adecco, Athlete365 Career+ is a programme which supports athletes while they prepare for and go through career transition.


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How does it support athletes

It provides workshops and training in the areas of education, employment and life skills.


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World Olympians Association

What is it?

Established by the IOC, the WOA recognises and supports Olympians, and empowers them to make a positive difference in their communities.

How does it support Athletes:

WOA provides Olympians with the following benefits: OLY postnominal letters recognition, email address, project grants, mentoring opportunities and Games-time hospitality, tickets, events and more.

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Competition Manipulation – Be True Be You

What is it?

Cheating to win is well known, but would you cheat by losing on purpose? Can you bet on your sport? What should you do in case of an approach to cheat?

Competition manipulation is a reality. Learn more about it, know how to prevent it.

How does it support Athletes:

Raises awareness about a growing issue, although still little known by the sports community. Each athlete must know the Rules and respect them to avoid sanctions and contribute to a sport free of manipulation.

Find out more about Competition Manipulation

Safe Sport

What is it?

The IOC in collaboration with sports organisations from around the world is developing initiatives to ensure sport is safe, fair and free from all forms of harassment and abuse.

How does it support Athletes

To ensure athletes and their entourage members know their rights and where they can report incidents of harassment and abuse.

Find out more about Safe Sport