Start by checking out Athlete365 Learning, which has courses tailored for a number of entourage groups, and covering themes from nutrition to psychology and physical and mental well-being. Off the field, Athlete365 Career+ will put you in an informed position from which you can support your athlete with their career development and transition.

Your development matters too. Our entourage-specific Safe Sport and Prevention of Competition Manipulation resources will help you understand your responsibilities and set you on the pathway towards certificates and qualifications, so you can progress your career alongside your athletes. Further support is available through Olympic Solidarity and our Mentally Fit Toolkit, allowing you to expand your knowledge, continue your professional development and take your support to the next level.

IOC Athletes’ Commission

A direct link between you and the IOC, providing advice on how to support athletes and promote clean sport. Discover how it works and get in touch.

Athlete365 Learning

Learn how to better assist your athletes with our collection of expert-led, interactive courses – from on-field performance to integrity in sport.

Athlete365 Career+ Workshops

Start your journey of discovery and powerup your future through our Athlete365 Career+ Workshops

Mentally Fit Toolkit

Access expert advice and resources designed to help you support and protect your athletes’ mental health.

Safe Sport

Learn about your role and responsibilities in championing and creating safe sporting environments for athletes, and take the Safeguarding Officer in Sport certificate.

Prevention of Competition Manipulation

Play your part in maintaining the integrity of sport and protecting athletes.

Olympic Solidarity

Explore the world-class training programmes available to help you take your coaching or administration to the next level.