Athlete365 & Pinquest

On your S21, find direct access to the Athlete365 website. This will allow you to connect directly with the IOC and the IOC Athletes’ Commission and learn about all the resources, programmes and exclusive offers available to you.

The PinQuest app is pre-installed on your device. As athletes and athletes’ entourage, you can explore a digital world and test your Olympic knowledge. By earning points in quick-fire quizzes, you can win an exclusive Olympic pin collection to take home with you as souvenir.


Tokyo 2020 Official mobile app

Contains all general information about the Games, including spectator and venue information. The official homepage of Tokyo 2020 during the period of the Games.

COCOA Tracing app

The official COVID-19 contact tracing app of the Japanese Government. In accordance with the requirements of the Japanese authorities, all athletes are required to have this app active in background of their phone at all times, to trace potential positive exposure to COVID-19.

IOC Report It Hotline

A direct link is available on the smartphone so that athletes can report any incident.

Get Set

Get Set was created to help prevent sports injuries by providing the most effective and evidence-based workout routines for the athletes’ needs. All exercises are presented through videos, supported by short descriptions on how to perform the exercise correctly.

Each athlete competing at the Games will receive an Eco Bag with the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Athletes Phone
  • Samsung EarBud Bluetooth earphones
  • Samsung EarBud Bluetooth earphones Case
  • IOC Welcome Pocket Guide
  • IOC – Samsung Welcome Letter
  • A SIM card (3 GB data, free SIM to SIM call, no international call or text)
  • Coca-Cola Tokyo 2020 Powerade Squeeze Bottle
  • Airbnb Experiences Gift Card

Important information regarding the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

Please note that the following conditions apply to the use of the mobile devices by athletes.

  1. Once athletes receive their mobile devices, they become responsible for it, including for using it in compliance with applicable laws. The IOC and the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee shall not be liable for any reason whatsoever in connection with the use of the devices by athletes.
  2. Devices are provided under terms of warranties offered by Samsung. More information on warranties and support will be provided by Samsung at the Samsung Galaxy Athlete Lounge and Athlete Phone Desk (Olympic Village Plaza).
  3. Mobile devices will not be replaced if they are lost, damaged or stolen.
  4. Communications costs are supported by the IOC and Samsung within the limit of the SIM card included with the mobile devices, (3 GB data, free call SIM to SIM, no text, no international dialling). Wifi should be used wherever possible, and wifi is provided at all Olympic venues. Beyond the data limit, data will be turned off for the phone. Phone calls made to numbers outside of the SIMs should be made using a wifi or data connection. Messaging and dialling apps using data and wifi are available to download on the Samsung Play Store.
  5. Phone numbers and other identifiers linked to the SIM cards provided with the mobile devices are provided by NTT Docomo and will not be communicated to any third parties.
  6. During the period of the Games, the IOC and Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee will keep the list of all phone numbers (without information relating these phone numbers to their individual owners) in order to send important communications to all athletes related to their attendance at the Games, for instance on security-related matters.
  7. In case of exclusion from the Olympic Games, the athlete via his/her NOC will be required to return the device to the IOC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only athletes accredited Aa and Ap Athletes can receive a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Edition mobile device. The total number of athletes entitled to receive a phone for your NOC is indicated on your Rule 38 calculator.

Tokyo 2020 Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Edition device is not for sale.

Each mobile device is delivered with Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Edition package including:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Athletes Phone
  • Samsung EarBud Bluetooth earphones
  • Samsung EarBud Bluetooth earphones Special Case
  • IOC Welcome Pocket Guide
  • IOC – Samsung Welcome Letter
  • IOC – Samsung Digital Partnership Campaign Information Leaflet
  • A SIM card and leaflet from telecommunications provider NTT Docomo (3 GB data, free SIM to SIM call, no international call or text)
  • Coca-Cola Tokyo 2020 Powerade Squeeze Bottle
  • Airbnb Experiences Gift Card

No, these phones are unlocked for use on other networks. Most major networks are supported, but please check on your local carrier to confirm compatibility.

If lost at the Olympic Village, please check first the lost and found service at each resident Centre.

Unfortunately, the IOC and Samsung will not be in a position to replace a phone if it is damaged, lost or stolen.

The athlete will need to go and visit the Samsung Galaxy Athlete Lounge and Athlete Phone Desk at the Village Plaza which is responsible for the customer service. The Galaxy Athlete Lounge will open officially from 13 July until 11 August from 09:00 to 21:00.

Given that these smartphones are manufactured in Vietnam, athletes have the opportunity to contact Samsung in their home country in case of issues with their phones. There will not be an international warranty for these phones.

We encourage your athletes to visit the Samsung Olympic Showcase at each Village where dedicated staff will be able to provide additional information on the device.

It is located at the Olympic Village Plaza in the Harumi Olympic Village only.

As a Chef the Mission, it is your responsibility to pick up the devices (or appoint an accredited person from your NOC to do so) at the Samsung Galaxy Athletes Lounge in Harumi on behalf of these athletes and arrange their distribution as soon as possible. If you need to pick up devices for such athletes, please get in touch with the IOC – NOC Relations team at to obtain more information.

If you have any additional questions or comments regarding the information contained in this document, please contact your Chef de Mission.