Olympic Games: Competed in 2016

World Championships: Competed in 2015




Bachelor’s Degree in General Psychology; Master’s in Business Administration in Human Resources


Professional activities

Personal Trainer, Power House Gym; Personal Trainer, UAGM University Cupey


Functions in the field of sport

Member, NOC Athletes’ Commission (2016-); Coach, Athletics (Throwing)


Why I am running in the IOC Athletes’ Commission election

We as athletes know about the power of conviction and inspiring others. Sport gives us the opportunity to have a tool: influence. But at some point the cost is very high. To be more specific, I come from a small country with a lack of many resources, etc. In my case it was the Hammer Throw. Who would say 20 years ago that a Costa Rican can throw a hammer at elite level? This fact gives me experience and perspective. Starting from the bottom and climbing to a world championship and Olympic Games. I know there are more athletes like this. But in my case I would love to have a voice, talk about limitations and sacrifice in a 20-year journey. I want to be a voice in subjects about resources for small countries, opportunities for everyone. The need of the young athlete, and the needs of the experienced athlete who achieves everything at the cost of his personal life, job experience, money resources, retirement; and when sport finishes there is a feeling of anxiety and being lost. Everything can start with a voice, with a voice comes influence, with influence comes change. I want to help.


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*Results as of 9 September 2019 and only for disciplines on the Olympic programme 



We need to make sure that we take care of each other, and that there is support for athletes not only while you chase your dreams during your career, but also when it’s time to transition into a new life
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