Bronze medal at the 1998 and 2010 Olympic Winter Games


Member (2006-2016) and Chair (2016-2020) of the Finnish Olympic Committee AC


MSc. Economics, Helsinki School of Economics, Aalto University (2013)


Elected to the IOC AC
Why did I want to be a member of the IOC Athletes’ Commission?

I have gotten far more from sport than I ever would have imagined when I started as a kid, and now I want to do my part in ensuring possibilities and fair opportunities for current and future athletes. I got involved in my country’s Athletes’ Commission during my career and have learned that having the athletes’ voice heard early enough in the decision-making process is important to make it count. By competing in five Olympic Winter Games, I have seen different ways of doing things and talked to many athletes. I wanted to put that knowledge in use for athletes and therefore I ran to become a member of the IOC Athletes’ Commission.


Nagano 1998
Salt Lake City 2002
Turin 2006
Vancouver 2010
Sochi 2014

What do the Olympic Games mean to me?

An event that inspires and unites people across nations in a way no other thing does. The language of sport is truly global and at best it has a huge amount of positive power. Watching the Olympic Games and later being a part of them has assured me that the Olympic values are something that must be taken good care of. For an athlete, of course, a chance to compete against the absolute best in your sport is very special and the best way to test your own limits too.



Role in the AC

I want to bring in the views I have gathered from competing in five Olympic Winter Games, playing in different countries and being involved in our NOC Athletes’ Commission and decision-making. It is the full package that matters when you put all in for sport and I want to concentrate on, for instance, providing dual-career support for athletes so they can focus on reaching their full potential on and off the field.

Additional roles in the IOC
  • Member of the Coordination Commission for Beijing 2022
  • Member of the Legal Affairs Commission
  • Member of the Marketing Commission
  • Member of the Olympic Programme Commission
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