Olympic Games: Bronze medal in 2012; competed in 2008 and 2016

World Championships: Bronze medals in 2005, 2006 and 2010




Master’s Degree in International Relations (Sport Diplomacy as a major), University of Matej Bel, Banská Bystrica


Professional activities

Professional athlete, Police Sports Centre, Bratislava


Functions in the field of sport

Member (2012-2018), Vice-Chair (2018-), IOC Athletes’ Commission; Member & Liaison, ISSF Athletes’ Commission (2012-2016); Member, NOC Athletes’ Commission (2012-); Member, WADA Athletes’ Committee (2018-2019)


Why I am running in the IOC Athletes’ Commission election

I believe that we athletes are at the heart of sport and the sport movement. We work hard to achieve our dreams and sacrifice a lot to be the best we can. That’s why we deserve the environment respecting us and our opponents, protecting us from any kind of threat and discrimination, supporting us in being better athletes and human beings, preparing us for life after sport and providing a level playing field for everyone.

I believe in clean sport. And I believe we can use all the opportunities sport and the sport movement gives us while respecting the rules and fair play. To achieve this, the athletes’ voice has a crucial role to play.

It’s been a great learning experience for me to be part of the IOC and WADA Athletes’ Commissions over the past 8 years. I did my best to listen to you, represent you, support you, inform you, guide you when necessary and empower you. For the last 2 years I served as IOC AC Vice Chair too. I learnt to be your voice vis-à-vis all other stakeholders. I am ready to continue this mission with the same passion and enthusiasm I had 8 years ago when first elected.


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*Results as of 9 September 2019 and only for disciplines on the Olympic programme 



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