Olympic Games: Gold medal and world record in 2012


Member of the European Olympic Committees Athletes’ Commission (2013-2017)


Budapest College of Communication and Business (Hungary)


Elected to the IOC AC
Why did I want to be a member of the IOC Athletes’ Commission?

I strongly believe that as an Olympian I possess a great responsibility for my peers, including partners, friends and rivals as well as the generation of retired athletes. Olympism and the fundamental principles of the Olympic Movement provide us with true and legitimate values by which I have been living in my civil and sporting careers for the success and benefit of my family and community. Based on these Olympic values, my mission has been to assist the younger generation and ones in need especially.

In order to achieve this, and fulfil my mission, the IOC Athletes’ Commission is a perfect platform because our members share common values and objectives. Therefore, being a member of this highly regarded Commission, I am able to intensify my work and strengthen my commitment for the benefit of all athletes in general and Olympians in particular.


Athens 2004
Beijing 2008
London 2012
Rio 2016

What do the Olympic Games mean to me?

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well,” said Pierre de Coubertin, rightfully and with true wisdom. I have been living my life based upon Coubertin’s teachings and mission statement, and have been doing my utmost to set an example and disseminate this life philosophy among athletes, officials, and all in favour of sport.

As an Olympic champion, I have a double obligation: firstly, to give back as much as possible to my family, my community, my sport, and my home nation that raised me; and secondly, to set an example for all how to compete well and never surrender, even under the harshest circumstances.

In summary, I believe that the Olympic Games are a pioneering social phenomenon for humanity in the way that they are able to unite people, create bridges among nations and allow every human to practise sport without discrimination.



Role in the AC

I am committed to helping younger athletes, including through the Youth Olympic Games. They are the future generation and we must protect their rights in sport.

We need to make sure that we take care of each other, and that there is support for athletes not only while you chase your dreams during your career, but also when it’s time to transition into a new life
My advice would be to get in touch with us with every problem you want to raise. We are the voice of the athletes, and we can bring up these issues and vocalise them wherever we can
I’m proud to share my voice. Join me and shape the conversation.
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Our mission is simple, to make Athletes’ lives better and continually grow the world’s biggest community of elite and Olympic level Athletes.