Olympic Games: Gold medal in 2016; competed in 2012

World Championships: Gold medal in 2017; competed in 2015




Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology, Stanford University (2013); Master of Science in Cognitive Psychology, Arizona State University (2015)


Professional activities

Teaching Fellow, Stanford University (2012-2013); Research Assistant, Arizona State University (2013-2014); Teaching Assistant, Arizona State University (2014-2015)


Functions in the field of sport

Candidate, IAAF Athletes’ Commission (2019); Participant in IAAF Working Groups (Development, Competition Schedule & Street Competitions and Team Competitions)


Why I am running in the IOC Athletes’ Commission election

Dear fellow Athlete,

Good luck to all of you at the Olympic Games!

Just like you, sport has defined my life. The reason I want to become a member of the IOC Athletes’ Commission is because I still believe in the core values of Olympism, excellence, friendship and respect. I believe there is nothing more amazing and more inspiring than when you see athletes of different national origin, religion, language and socioeconomic status line up on the start line during the Olympic Games as equals.

I hope that through my diverse background of living and training in both Europe and the United States in the last decade I can offer a unique perspective to the IOC Athletes’ Commission. As a current Olympic athlete I believe there is still a need for a more reliable and effective platform within the IOC.

My goal is to develop this platform because the athletes’ voice is powerful and needs to be heard and because we, current Olympic Athletes, ought to take responsibility and create a better Olympic future for the next generations.


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*Results as of 9 September 2019 and only for disciplines on the Olympic programme 



My advice would be to get in touch with us with every problem you want to raise. We are the voice of the athletes, and we can bring up these issues and vocalise them wherever we can
We need to make sure that we take care of each other, and that there is support for athletes not only while you chase your dreams during your career, but also when it’s time to transition into a new life
I'd love the athletes of the world to know a little bit more about the programmes that the IOC has to offer – there's some really terrific advice and programmes that exist on Athlete365.
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