Olympic Games: Competed in 2018

World Championships: Competed in 2016 and 2017





Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, MIT, (2014); MBA, Masters, Yale School of Management, (2023)

Professional activities

National Athlete, Bobsleigh/Skeleton Israel, (6 years); National Champion, Bobsleigh/Skeleton Israel, (4 years); Mental Health Ambassador and Outreach, (6 years); Founder/CEO, EYR Sports Apparel and Shoes, (1.5 years); Consultant, e-solutions Tokyo, (6 months); Product Manager, Oracle, (1.5 years); Hypergiant, (8 months); Optum Frontier Therapies, (4 months)

Functions in the field of sport

Head of Development, Bobsleigh/Skeleton Israel (2 years)



Why I am running in the IOC Athletes’ Commission election

Fellow OLYs,

I am filled with hope for a bright future for our brothers and sisters in the Olympic Movement, and have an ambitious idea to address two critical issues we face. Olympism is about potential and leading by example–the ideals of Olympism inspire us to be our best, and others to achieve their dreams. Yet so often we lack support both during and especially after our Olympic journeys. In no areas are these support systems in more need of repair and strengthening than in mental health and career transitioning. After the 2018 Games, I briefly retired from my sport and suffered what many of us will in our lives–the crushing loss of purpose and depression accompanying the sudden and harsh turn to the new reality of life after sport. It’s my ambition and life goal to assist my fellow athletes in the areas of maintaining positive mental health and utilizing their sporting accomplishments and skillset to help them excel in the workplace. Please consider me your advocate in working towards a brighter future with a focus on support for athletes both during and after our sporting careers.

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*Results as of 13 September 2021 and only for disciplines on the Olympic programme 
My advice would be to get in touch with us with every problem you want to raise. We are the voice of the athletes, and we can bring up these issues and vocalise them wherever we can
We need to make sure that we take care of each other, and that there is support for athletes not only while you chase your dreams during your career, but also when it’s time to transition into a new life
I'd love the athletes of the world to know a little bit more about the programmes that the IOC has to offer – there's some really terrific advice and programmes that exist on Athlete365.