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What is a Personal Brand?

A vital part of being a modern athlete is creating and developing your personal brand, but what does that mean?

Your personal brand is how you market yourself. Your self-portrayal in the public eye and conduct in front of the cameras is all part of building it. Best of all, your personal brand is unique to you. Whether it involves interviews with select parts of the media, managing your digital presence, or creating sponsorship deals with exciting, innovative companies, you are in control of your personal brand.

Expert Advice: What brands are really looking for

An industry expert gives you the inside track on what sponsors look for in an athlete.

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Setting your brand goals and values

Use this simple plan to identify the key goals and objectives for your brand.

Download PDF about Setting your brand goals and values
Personal Brand Toolkit

If you’re an athlete looking to maximise your financial opportunities, developing your brand can go a long way to helping you achieve this.

A brand is something that revolves around an audience. A brand will represent a product or service that serves the needs of that audience better than its competitors, so that more attention is retained and, ultimately, money can be made.

Download our guide below and you’ll be ready to begin growing your own brand.

Nurturing your brand has become a vital part of modern-day elite sport.

Organise your year

Download the Athlete365 content calendar to help plan and schedule your social media posts.

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Commercial opportunities at Tokyo2020

Coming soon is your essential guide to the advertising rules affecting athletes.

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Must-read books to boost your athlete brand

Lauryn Williams - The Oval Office

Kerri Pottharst - The business of being an athlete

Jeremy Darlow - Athletes are brands

Dip into our recommended reading list to equip yourself with the tools to confidently create and develop your personal brand.

Managing a PR crisis?

What to do when things go wrong for your personal brand.

In the digital era, athletes are constantly in the spotlight. Whether it’s to do with your on-field performances, your interactions with the press or your own social media, your actions are always being monitored. It’s nearly impossible to go through your career without making at least one misstep in the media. So how best to overcome any problems?