From the very beginning, Paris 2024 has been an athlete-centred project. With three-time Olympic canoe slalom champion and former IOC Athletes’ Commission vice-chair Tony Estanguet serving as Paris 2024 President, and Olympic table tennis medallist Jean-Philippe Gatien as Sports Director, athletes’ needs are being considered in every decision that is made by the Organising Committee.

An 19-strong Paris 2024 Athletes’ Commission has been established, featuring some of France’s leading Summer and Winter Olympians and Paralympians, and with five-time Olympic biathlon champion Martin Fourcade as chair. They are working to ensure that athletes have the best Games-time experience possible, and have been closely involved in the design of the Olympic and Paralympic Village.

Everything points towards one of the most memorable Olympic Games ever, with many events taking place in iconic locations in the heart of the city of Paris, including an Opening Ceremony along the River Seine. We’re excited, and we hope you are too.

The DNA of Paris 2024 is about sport – it is athlete-centred. We want to offer the best sporting conditions to our community of athletes.
Tony Estanguet
Paris 2024 President
The Olympic + Paralympic Village
The Athletes’ Village: first look

The Olympic and Paralympic Village will be built to pioneering environmental standards, meet athletes’ requirements during the Games, and benefit the community for a long time after they finish. Go to the Paris 2024 website and get a feel for where you’ll be staying.

Manifesto of the Athlete’s Experience

In a project led by the Paris 2024 Athletes’ Commission, athletes from around the world had the opportunity to share their views on how the Olympic and Paralympic Village should look and feel. The result is a plan based on athletes’ needs.

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