Olympic Solidarity is the IOC’s development programme dedicated to ensuring the universality of the Olympic Games by providing funding and technical, financial and administrative support to athletes, coaches, sports administrators and NOCs most in need of assistance. The total budget for Olympic Solidarity’s 2021-24 cycle is USD 590 million, highlighting the IOC’s commitment to helping everyone within the Olympic Movement.

Olympic Solidarity has two main aims: helping NOCs fulfil their Olympic mission, and helping you achieve your Olympic dreams. It works closely with NOCs, International Federations and Continental Associations to develop their administrative structures, promote the Olympic values throughout their organisations and ensure the successful running of athlete development programmes.

It achieves these aims through a multi-faceted series of programmes, courses, scholarships and grants. These support structures could help you and your entourage on your sporting journey – no matter where you are in the world, what sport you participate in, nor what stage of your career you’re at. 

Olympic Solidarity NOC AC Activity Grants

Empowering NOC Athletes' Commissions


Get in touch with your NOC to find out more about how to apply for and access Olympic Solidarity’s support programmes.


What Athletes have to say
Training with NOC Japan with the support of Olympic Solidarity was a huge help to me. At home in Manila, there were too many distractions for me and the coaches could not focus on me as much as is needed. In Japan, I have the chance to really improve myself.
The Olympic Solidarity Team Support Grant has certainly played a key role in making Turkish volleyball stronger, especially the women’s national team who qualified for the Olympic Games. This has had a great impact on many in society, especially on girls and young women, improving their participation in sport and inspiring millions of Turkish girls
Olympic Solidarity has helped us to provide sufficient training conditions for our athletes. Given our difficulties financing events to help our athletes best prepare for competitions and games, Olympic Solidarity’s support has greatly aided us in organising special preparation and training camps in Europe.
The programme has been one of the most important factors in helping me to qualify for the Olympic Games as the first Namibian rower. It has helped me to lift a majority of the financial burden off my family’s shoulders.