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Olympic Solidarity Model

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Supporting Athletes

How Olympic Solidarity supports athletes.


Olympic Solidarity organises assistance to all the National Olympic Committees, particularly those with the greatest needs through multi-faceted programmes prioritising Athlete development, training of coaches and sports administrators, and promoting the Olympic ideals. (Olympic Charter, Rule 5)

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Olympic Solidarity programmes and finances

Thanks to the increase of the Olympic revenue over the years, Olympic Solidarity has been able to expand the programmes made available and developed its activities to better suit present-day capabilities.

The total development and assistance budget for the 2017-2020 Olympic Solidarity plan amounts to USD 509,285,000 – a 16% increase from the previous plan.

Scholarships for Athletes

Olympic scholarships offering specific financial and technical assistance to athletes preparing for the Olympic Games from less advantaged countries.

World programmes

The World Programmes cover the five areas of sports development with the aim to support you at every stage of your career that are considered essential for NOCs.

Continental programmes

The Continental Programmes offer the NOCs assistance that meets their specific needs and priorities on each continent and complements those offered at world level.

What athletes have to say
The programme has been one of the most important factors in helping me to qualify for the Olympic Games as the first Namibian rower. It has helped me to lift a majority of the financial burden off my family’s shoulders.
Training with NOC Japan with the support of Olympic Solidarity was a huge help to me. At home in Manila, there were too many distractions for me and the coaches could not focus on me as much as is needed. In Japan, I have the chance to really improve myself.
The Olympic Solidarity Team Support Grant has certainly played a key role in making Turkish volleyball stronger, especially the women’s national team who qualified for the Olympic Games. This has had a great impact on many in society, especially on girls and young women, improving their participation in sport and inspiring millions of Turkish girls
Olympic Solidarity has helped us to provide sufficient training conditions for our athletes. Given our difficulties financing events to help our athletes best prepare for competitions and games, Olympic Solidarity’s support has greatly aided us in organising special preparation and training camps in Europe.
Olympic Solidarity

What is it?

An IOC programme which organises assistance for all National Olympic Committees through multi-faceted programmes.

How does it help Athletes?

Ensures that the revenue generated during the Olympic Games is redistributed to those Athletes who need it the most.

2019 Olympic Solidarity Annual report

The report shows the most important results of the Olympic Solidarity programmes and details of the various actions taken to benefit the NOCs in 2019, as well as numerous testimonies of athletes, NOCs, sports managers, etc. and links to a variety of content.