Sport Mental Health Assessment Tool 1

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sport Mental Health Assessment Tool 1 (SMHAT-1) is a standardised assessment tool aiming to identify at an early stage elite athletes (defined as professional, Olympic, Paralympic and collegiate level; 16 and older) potentially at risk for or already experiencing mental health symptoms and disorders, in order to facilitate timely referral of those in need to adequate support and/or treatment.

Sport Mental Health Recognition Tool 1

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sport Mental Health Recognition Tool 1 (SMHRT-1) can be used by athletes, coaches, family members and all other members of the athlete’s entourage to recognise mental health problems but not to diagnose them. The SMHRT-1 presents a list of athlete experiences (thoughts, feelings, behaviours, physical changes) that could be indicative of mental health problems.

IOC Certificate
The IOC Safeguarding Officer in Sport Certificate programme

The IOC Safeguarding Officer in Sport Certificate program will equip those involved with safeguarding athletes of all ages from harassment and abuse (non-accidental violence) in sport with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to fulfill the role of Safeguarding Officer/Focal point for their sport organisation.

Athlete365 Career+

Athlete365 Career+ supports athletes while they prepare for and go through their career transition. It provides resources and training required to develop life skills, maximising education and employment opportunities.

The Athletes’ Declaration

The Athletes’ Declaration outlines a common set of aspirational rights and responsibilities for athletes within the Olympic Movement.

Athlete365 Learning
Physical Preparation

In this course you will gain a better understanding of exercise physiology and how it affects your training, explore the impact nutrition has on preparation, and learn how to create both high-performance training and recovery plans.

Sports Medicine: Understanding Sports Injuries

Learn about managing injury risk factors and how to best prepare your body for your sport.


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