The IOC is determined to lead the way in athlete mental health. A mental health working group have already published a consensus paper studying mental health in elite athletes.

Athlete365 conducted a live panel exclusively focusing on mental health during the 2019 International Athletes’ Forum that was held in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Download the IOC SMHRT and SMHAT

Developed by the IOC Mental Health working group, the Sport Mental Health Recognition Tool (SMHRT) to help athletes, coaches, family members and other members of an athlete’s entourage to recognise at an early stage when elite athletes may be potentially at risk for, or already experiencing, mental health symptoms and disorders.

In addition, the Sport Mental Health Assessment Tool 1 (SMHAT-1) is a standardised assessment tool that should only be used by licensed/registered health professionals such as sports medicine physicians. Ideally, the SMHAT-1 should be scheduled as a routine screening alongside an athlete’s regular physical screenings or check-ups for example during the pre-competition period (i.e., a few weeks after the start of sports training), as well as within the mid- and end-season period.