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The Mentally Fit Helpline is a free and confidential mental health and well-being support service available to all Olympians and Paralympians at Games-time.

If you need support, we’re here 24 hours a day in over 70 languages.

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How to recognise the symptoms

The IOC Sport Mental Health Recognition Tool 1 (SMHRT-1) was developed by the IOC Mental Health Working Group to help athletes, coaches, family and other athletes’ entourage members recognise if an elite athlete is experiencing mental health problems. The SMHRT-1 is not a diagnostic tool, but offers a list of common thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and physical changes that could be indicative of mental health problems. It also offers advice on what steps might be considered if you are observing any of these behaviors and includes a list of “red flags” that merit immediate attention.

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