The IOC Athletes’ Commission (AC) election will take place during your stay in Tokyo, giving you the chance to vote for the athletes who will represent you.

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Why visit Athlete365 during the Games?

Athlete365 will serve as your virtual destination for all things Tokyo 2020, containing all the latest information relevant to your experience at the Olympic Games. On our Tokyo 2020-dedicated site, you will find the latest editions of the Playbooks to download, and advice on topics such as anti-doping, safe sport, how to beat the heat in Tokyo, and much more.

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Use your voice at the IOC AC election

The IOC Athletes’ Commission serves as the bridge between the IOC and the global athlete community, ensuring that your interests are represented throughout the Olympic Movement. By visiting the voting booth at the Athlete365 Space in the Olympic Village, you have the chance to elect four new members of the IOC AC.

To see a list of the candidates for the election taking place at Tokyo 2020, click here.

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