There is a wealth of offers available to you as an Olympian at the Games, including a free Olympic-edition Samsung S21 5G phone, personalised photo albums, and more.

Take advantage of our Getty Images and Greenfly promotions, which will help you instantly access and share action shots of you at the Games.

Once you’re finished competing, why not take a well-deserved rest and enjoy Airbnb’s USD 500 reward?

Olympian offers at the Games

During your time in Tokyo, you’ll have access to several exclusive offers, including receiving an Olympic-edition Samsung S21 5G phone. This limited-edition device will come preloaded with all of your must-have Olympic applications, including the Tokyo 2020 Official Mobile App, and will allow you to capture every special moment at the Games.

Getty Images and Greenfly will also help you relive your highlights in Tokyo and give you access to galleries of Getty’s curated Olympic Games content instantly. Through the Greenfly app, you will be able to share your Games action shots and more, helping you engage with your fans with ease.

And if that’s not enough, you can apply for your own Athlete Moment at the Games. We know your family and friends can’t be with you in Japan, which is why the Athlete Moment facility will allow athletes from 15 sports in Tokyo to connect with their loved ones straight after competing via video link.

Find out more about how to apply for your Athlete Moment

And when you’re away from competition, you can unwind in the Olympic Village with PinQuest! This fun game is preinstalled on your Samsung phone and allows you to test your Olympic knowledge in exchange for limited-edition Olympic pins.

Take a well-earned break

Once your Olympic journey comes to an end, it’ll be time to relax and enjoy a break. To celebrate your performances, Airbnb are offering a celebratory USD 500 travel grant to all Olympians and Paralympians at Tokyo 2020. Whether it’s a peaceful getaway or a celebration with friends and family, you can choose how to spend your Airbnb500.

And if you’d like to share your passion with the world before, during or after the Games, you can host your own Airbnb Olympian Experience. You can walk your online audience through the intricacies of your sport, tell them the story of your Olympic journey, or even teach them a new skill.

Creating your legacy

Once you’ve qualified for Tokyo 2020, don’t forget that, as an Olympian, you’ve earned the right to the post-nominal letters OLY, meaning that you can add “OLY” after your name in a similar fashion to other titles like PhD. You just need to apply for this on the World Olympians Association (WOA) website or connect with the WOA at the Games.

Additionally, you can share your Olympic experience with the world through a Words of Olympians interview in Tokyo. Your story will be captured in this video chat and kept in the Olympic Museum archive to inspire fans and future generations of athletes.

Exclusive Athlete365 webinars

Finally, as a member of Athlete365 you have access to exclusive webinars from some of the world’s finest sportspeople and experts – so make sure you take advantage! From mindset tips from Olympic champions Eliud Kipchoge and Aksel Lund Svindal to advice for building your Olympian legacy, these webinars will equip you with new knowledge to take on your journey beyond the Games.

Go to the Athlete365 Tokyo page to join the world’s biggest community of athletes and entourage members and take advantage of our exclusive Olympian offers.