Among the many questions raised during the 10th International Athletes’ Forum were requests for more information about updates made to the entry forms for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, including the Conditions of Participation, compared to previous Games editions.

Although the question was answered during the Forum, we have since received follow-up questions, and would like to provide additional information about this important topic:

  • First of all, the safety and security of everyone attending the Games and the Japanese people are the utmost priority of the IOC and the Japanese organisers.
  • The postponement of the Games required a full 360° assessment of all the Games delivery parameters, from venues to food and beverages, transport and accommodation.
  • Among the thousands of measures that are needed to stage safe Games, a key step is the preparation of the Playbooks, which describe a series of procedures and controls to mitigate and, whenever possible, eliminate the risks related to COVID-19, as well as to protect the participants.
  • Along with the release of the Playbooks came the need to align the entry forms (Conditions of Participations) and other entry or accreditation documents in order to reflect the specific requirements of the countermeasures and other rules and principles reflected in the Playbooks.
  • All key principles remain similar to previous Games editions. This includes the acknowledgment by participants that attending the Games may incur exposure to certain risks. Changes had to be made to reflect the rules defined in the Playbooks and provide full and up-to-date information to all participants.
  • The IOC and Japanese organisers are fully aware of their responsibility to be completely transparent towards the participants regarding the potential risks associated with their participation in the Games and the measures that are being put in place to address them.
  • The entry forms are consistent with the common practice of other big event organisers and are within the framework of the law. Such adaptations have not just been made for athletes or sports, but for instance ticket terms have also been updated for many professional sports leagues, music festivals and other events.
  • As stated in the Playbooks, Tokyo 2020 will provide medical treatment and repatriation insurance (including cover for COVID-19) for athletes and team officials for the period between the Village pre-opening and closing (Olympic Village: 7 July – 11 August, Paralympic Village: 15 August – 8 September). As per standard Games practice, National Olympic Committees (NOCs)/National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) should source their own insurance on top of the existing cover for members of their delegations outside these dates. This applies to all other Games participants too. They must be covered by the entity sending them to the Olympic or Paralympic Games or individually.
  • Having read the forms, you, the athletes, and all the participants can make an informed decision to attend the Games and to respect the measures designed to protect you and others. Upon signing the form, a Games participant is delivered his or her Olympic Accreditation and Identification Card.

In these final weeks of preparation, all efforts are going into making sure that all pieces of this complex jigsaw fit together and that all Games attendees know what will be done to protect them and what is expected from them.

Here you can find the athletes’ entry form, which was provided to all the NOCs, together with their full accreditation packs.