The Oval Office
Lauryn Williams

Lauryn Williams, the four-time Olympian turned financial planner, shares advice she wished she knew at the start of her professional athletic career on how you can successfully build your personal brand – on and off the track – and begin the process of becoming an elite athlete. Lauryn navigates tricky topics like contract negotiations and choosing an agent, and offers expert tips on how to secure and keep a sponsorship deal.

The Business of Being an Athlete
Kerri Pottharst

Olympic gold medallist Kerri Pottharst, drawing on 25 years’ experience within elite sport and offering insight from other world-class athletes, delivers a step-by-step guide on how you can own your business as a professional athlete. Kerri covers everything from attracting sponsors to assembling your entourage in a book filled with strategies focused on achieving greatness during your career.

Athletes are Brands too
Jeremy Darlow

Jeremy Darlow, a leading brand consultant to athletes, coaches and teams, explains why putting in the hours on building your personal brand can lead to success, arguably even more so than your performance on the field. Jeremy teaches the importance of focusing on more than your sport, and offers straightforward brand-building steps that will ultimately shape your future as a professional athlete.

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