Boosting your personal brand is just one of the many benefits that can come from applying for your official OLY title.

Provided by the World Olympians Association (WOA), OLY recognises your achievements as an Olympian and can be included anywhere you use your name.

You can join thousands of other Olympians who have already signed up by registering for your official OLY title now.

People see the OLY and want to know more. It opens doors, breaks the ice, and acts as a starting point for connection and conversation.

Alexa Loo OLY

Available to those who have competed at an Olympic Games, there are many benefits to registering for your OLY title. Proudly displaying your OLY credentials across your social media channels, for example, is certain to draw welcome attention to your Olympic background.

Maintaining an active online profile is particularly important to sponsors. The addition of OLY to your name could help you attract new deals and partnerships to fund your athletic dreams and potentially create new career opportunities away from sport. It’s not only an acknowledgement of your sporting achievements, but it enhances your image and unlocks other opportunities.

Helping to grow your brand

Alexa Loo OLY is a Canadian snowboarder who competed at Torino 2006 and Vancouver 2010. She recognised the benefits of OLY for her personal brand and her career away from sport. She believes OLY helps others to see the special attributes that athletes can bring to organisations.

“I wanted to tie my sporting achievements into my business life,” explains Alexa. “Being an Olympian means something special and adds value. .”

“I encourage all Olympians to apply for OLY,” she adds. “OLY grows your brand. We have accomplished something special. When we live the Olympic ideals of fair play and hard work, we show the world why the Olympic Games is important, and the value of having Olympians in your organisation and country.”

An opportunity to tell your story

German rower Tina Manker OLY praises the connection that comes with the OLY title and how it helps athletes to share their story: “It connects us. Being an Olympian connects you to every other Olympian. OLY is a way of showing that unique, shared experience,” says Tina. “OLY tells a story about a pretty special time in our lives.”

Tina now works closely with athletes and reveals that she regularly shares the benefits of applying for an OLY title in her role as an Athlete Life Advisor for High Performance Sport New Zealand. She believes it’s particularly empowering for all of you, independent of your results on the field of play.

“I tell athletes the story of OLY and how it was introduced to acknowledge that it takes about as long to become an Olympian as it does to get a PhD, or longer. This helps people understand.”

She added: “It’s also great to recognise non-medallists in that way. They often walk away with a lot of experiences and not a lot to show for it. When more and more of us use it, what it stands for will become more widely known.”

Visit the website to find out more and apply for your official OLY title.