Becoming an Airbnb Experience host can provide you with a unique opportunity to turn your passion into a business.

Combine your expert insider knowledge with your personal skill-set to create a distinctive experience that inspires guests and provides you with a flexible form of income.

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Taking time to design your experience around Airbnb’s ideals will better enable you to find success and reach your hosting goals. These three steps have helped other seasoned hosts to bring their experience to the Airbnb community and can help you prepare your experience.


Find your niche

Airbnb guests are looking for unique ways to explore your city or experience your activity. As an elite athlete you already have the skills, expertise and reputation that few others can offer, so don’t be afraid to make the most of them. Your experience doesn’t need to be related to your sport, but it’s a useful starting point when considering what you may want to offer guests.

Regardless of whether your activity is directly related to your sporting career or not, make sure to publicise your status as an elite athlete! Many of your guests will want to join your experience because of your background in sport, and it’s well worth emphasising that unique selling point.


Go for quality

Airbnb has a strong reputation as a platform for trusted and high-quality experiences. That doesn’t mean that experiences have to be luxury or expensive; it means that guests are looking for hospitality, insider access to local places and communities that they couldn’t find on their own, and the chance to share their experience with unique talents, passions, and expertise – which is exactly what you bring to the table.

Some of the key things to think about when running your experience are:

  • Making guests feel welcome, safe and at ease.
  • Offering a deep-dive into your world through your passion.
  • Offering a perspective your guests cannot find elsewhere.
  • Involving your guests in active participation.

Ensuring your tour or workshop includes these elements, and highlighting them in the description on your listing page, will help you set and meet your guest’s expectations and make your experience stand out.


Be ready to adapt

As an athlete, you’ll no doubt already be well-versed in adapting to new challenges, and being successful in business is no different.

Airbnb guests come from all over the world, so it’s important to consider that each experience could be different to the last. Keep the following in mind as you plan your experience:

  • Guests can be advance planners or spontaneous. Some prefer to book months in advance so they can lock in a specific experience, but many of bookings occur within the week of the experience.
  • Guests may have varying levels of familiarity with your topic or activity. Be sure to explain in your experience description if a certain level of skill is required to participate.
  • Guests may not be familiar with your city, so clearly lay out all details, such as the meeting place, what to wear, and what is and is not included in your experience. Making guests feel prepared and at ease before the experience begins is key!
  • Consider setting expectations with clear communication before the experience. Many successful hosts send a message or two before the event to ensure their guests are prepared.
  • Guests may not have access to specialised equipment, so be sure to state whether you are providing everything guests will need to participate fully in your experience.

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What other hosts have to say
Throughout the years, the IOC has provided opportunities to develop my career both on and off the track, and the Airbnb Experience is now another way to continue to tell my story.
The flexibility my Airbnb Experience gives me was the reason I signed up.
The increased exposure through Airbnb Experiences can only help me grow my business