Five Minute Mindset 

Strategy for effective communication

Tiffany introduces and explains techniques which will help you to develop natural conversations and communicate more effectively in different situations. This could be with your coach, your fellow athletes, or friends and family. 

Mental trophy room

Explore how you can reclaim and remember your power with this practice. Tiffany talks you through the steps to creating your own mental trophy room, giving you increased access to your fondest memories. 

Fan club meditation

We all experience negative thoughts and doubts at some point during our careers. This visualisation technique helps combat that by allowing you to mentally picture your biggest supporters in a room, offering you their love and support.

Relaxation breathing

This practice is an ideal part of pre-competition preparation, or as a tool for dealing with anxiety. Find a comfortable seat and join Tiffany in this stress-reducing strategy.

B.O.L.D resilience strategy

In the moment when stress arises, it’s crucial that you have practised techniques which allow you to remain calm. This four-step strategy can help you stay on top of stressful thoughts and turn them into positives.

Go narrow, go wide

This meditation technique is purposefully designed to help shift your focus by concentrating on your internal feelings and on the environment around you.

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