What information is available to my athlete about COVID-19 counter measures?

The IOC and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) have collaborated with the Japanese government, the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, and the IOC Medical and Scientific Department to create the Playbooks. These documents explain the rules you must follow and your responsibilities before, during and after the Games Every National Olympic Committee and National Paralympic Committee also has a COVID-19 Liaison Officer (CLO), who will ensure athletes are aware of the rules and well prepared before travel. While in Japan, the CLOs will also assist with testing procedures throughout the Games. Each measure has been created with the athletes’ safety and protection of the Games as the top priority. Are there and additional restrictions on the athletes time in Tokyo?

A period-of-stay policy is in place meaning that athletes must depart Japan within 48 hours of their event finishing or elimination from the competition , whichever comes first. This means most athletes may not be staying for the whole duration of the Games, and departure will vary by sport, event, and individual circumstances.

What additional support is available to athletes in Japan?

Mentallyfit Helpline

Outside the athlete’s own delegation, which may include support staff, the #MentallyFit Helpline, a free and confidential mental health support helpline, is available 24 hours a day during the Games in over 70 languages. You can find more information here. For any safeguarding concerns, the IOC has a Safeguarding Officer on site at the Olympic Village.

Entourage members are a crucial part of any athlete’s journey but with the Games now upon us, that journey is all about the athlete and how best those around the athlete can show that support in ways likely never seen before.

Kitty Chiller – IOC Athletes’ Entourage Commission Member

More than ever, in these unique Games, the athletes will need the support from their entourage even from home #StrongerTogether.

Jean-Michel Saive – IOC Athletes’ Entourage Commission Member

Integrity hotline

If you suspect an athlete is suffering from harassment or abuse, you can report it using the IOC Integrity Hotline. For more on safe sport, see here.

How can I stay in contact with my athlete?

To stay connected, each athlete will receive a Samsung smartphone with 3GB of local data, and WiFi is widely available across the Olympic Village and Olympic venues. Please remember that Tokyo, Japan, is on a +9 UTC time zone. Make sure you are aware of contact details in your athletes’ delegation for specific athlete-related matters and emergencies!

How can I celebrate virtually with an athlete after their performance?

We have introduced the “Athlete Moment –  a special moment you can share with your athlete via a video call right after their performance. Join the private video room to watch their competition and celebrate together with the athlete! The Athlete Moment will bring together athletes and their families and friends in a virtual hug that will reach around the world.  Find out which sports are eligible and all the details of how to register on Athlete365.

If you would like to get in touch with the IOC Athletes’ Entourage Commission, please contact athlete365@olympics.org