Sporting organisations represent vital infrastructure for athletes and coaches. As an entourage member, knowing which sporting body to contact for each specific need is essential in giving your athlete a voice. Additionally, the Athletes’ Entourage Commission plays a major role in advising the IOC in entourage related matters, which helps to shape the conditions for you and your team.



National Federations

It is our responsibility to educate and support members of the entourage as well as our athletes, and increase awareness of the impact the entourage has on an athlete.
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Athlete365 Event Engagement Guide

The A365 Event Engagement Guide supports International Sports Federations and sports event organisers to empower athletes and athletes’ entourage members on and off the field of play. By raising awareness of essential career topics and utilising Athlete365 tools and resources during your events, athletes can gain valuable guidance and extra support to make a significant difference. The guide features on-site event engagement resources, such as pull-up banners, posters and digital learning tools that will raise awareness of critical topics. Let’s work together to support athletes and athletes’ entourage members extensively.