Entourage members working in the legal and commercial fields are often aiming to make life as easy as possible for athletes off the field of play so that they can fully focus on achieving their goals on it. Sponsorships and meeting legal requirements has become a crucial part of athletes’ careers.





The world of international sport can move so fast with new regulations or new procedures. It is important to ensure we bring along our entourage members on this journey.
Moya Dodd
Rule 40

These key principles set out how athletes competing at the Games can engage in and benefit from commercial activities around the Olympic Games. The Rule 40 framework is important as it enables the Olympic Movement to fund all Olympic teams worldwide, Olympic sports and the Olympic Games themselves.

Personal Brand

A vital part of being a modern athlete is creating and developing your personal brand, but what does that mean?

Professional Sports Management

Professional Sport Management is a complex, constantly evolving industry. Within this course, we cover the fundamentals of the business of sport and provide you with the knowledge and skills to pursue a career within the industry.

Sports Media

Drawing upon the expertise of our team of sports media specialists, this course will teach you how to engage with different media channels, maintain an online presence, attract sponsors and the best practices in responding to situations that could be damaging to your image.