Learn from experts Dr Jill Cook, Dr Ebonie Rio, Dr Sean Docking and Dr Michael Girdwood about how to reduce risk of injury and manage training load 

Take the time to improve your understanding of the demands of your sport can minimise your exposure to injuries and maximise your chances of successfully competing at the top level.  

This course will teach you about preparation and load management, and why general well-being is the key preventative element to minimising your chances of injury.

Are you eager to learn more on how you can increase your chances of avoiding an injury setback? Dr Jill Cook, Dr Ebonie Rio, Dr Sean Docking and Dr Michael Girdwood will guide you through this short course and help you to understand what factors can contribute to an injury, and how managing these will be key to you performing at your best.

You’ll be given tips on how to best prepare your body for your specific sport. You’ll explore the risk factors associated with injuries and how they happen, as well as taking a close look at the role general well-being can play in their prevention. 

You might not have control over everything as an athlete, but in taking the time to improve your understanding of the demands of your sport and doing everything you can on and off the field to minimise your exposure to injuries, you’ll maximise your chances of successfully competing at the top level.  

You’ll need to complete these four activities and a short quiz to achieve your certificate: 

  1. Explaining Injuries
  2. Preparing to Compete
  3. Load Management
  4. Personal Well-being

By completing this course, you will have learned about preparation and load management, and why general well-being is the key preventative element to minimising your chances of injury. Click the launch course button to get started!