In this course, join Jeanette Kwakye, Olympic 100m finalist and Professor L.C Cameron as they explore the impact nutrition has on an athlete’s preparation. What’s more, they will also share their top tips and insights on how to take control of your own nutrition and integrate proven strategies in your daily routine.

Meet your Course Expert

L.C Cameron

L. C. Cameron is a full professor and head of the Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology at the Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro.

Prof. Cameron is a biochemist specializing in bioenergetics and metabolism. He works with the merging of the “-omics” sciences with sports in an approach called Sportomics. He is a consultant for the Brazil Olympic Committee heading the Department of Biochemistry and Sportomics of the Olympic Laboratory. Prof. Cameron has over two decades of experience working with elite professional athletes and has acted as a consultant in different editions of the South American Games, Pan-American Games, Military Games and Olympic Games.