Our team of experts cover every aspect of becoming a successful sports coach and equip you with the tools to kickstart or enhance your career.

This course is spread across seven sections, starting with an overview of the key skills of coaching through to the importance of performance monitoring.

You’ll gain an understanding of the key principles and practices of coaching and the essential skills required to work with and bring out the best in your athletes.

Every athlete is different, and you need to find out what makes that athlete tick. By integrating your coaching style, you cater for all athletes, and by catering for all athletes, you’re creating a better learning environment

Dr Wilbur Kraak

You can become an even better coach to your athletes with the help of our comprehensive sports coaching course. You’ll discover the art and science of coaching and learn how to grow in your effectiveness with your athletes.

Delivered by a handful a specialists in this area, you’ll be able to recognise your own leadership style, how you can create the right environment for your athletes and the importance of incorporating monitoring into your coaching programme.

What you will learn

This course is split into seven sections:

  1. Key skills
  2. Leadership styles
  3. Communication
  4. Coaching environment
  5. Key coaching principles and practices
  6. Motor control and skill acquisition
  7. Monitoring and coaching

These sections ensure you will cover the most important areas of sports coaching – from recognising the key skills you’ll need to monitoring your athletes’ hydration, training load, wellness and heart rate – and will come away with a comprehensive understanding of how you can become an outstanding coach for your athletes.

Our team of experts will also share personal insights with you from their own experiences to reinforce the knowledge you will have acquired. For example, Dr Wilbur Kraak, a lecturer at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, shares his own coaching style and how he caters this to the athlete within the ‘Leadership styles’ section.

Meet your course experts

To guide you through the course is Dr Suzanne Ferreira, Dr Wilbur Kraak, Lindsey Parry, James Finn, Dr Anthony Turner, Paul Reed and Dr Mark Waldron. Each with specialist knowledge of working with elite-level athletes around the world and athlete performance, they form an outstanding team of sports coaching experts who will teach you all you need to know in helping your athletes reach new heights.