Our experts share their specialist knowledge and offer you practical steps towards improving your physical condition.

The course is split into four sections to work through at your own pace: ‘Exercise physiology’, ‘Strength and conditioning’, ‘Recover quicker, perform better’, and ‘Sports nutrition’.

You’ll come away with strategies to prevent injury and boost your recovery, and an in-depth understanding of hydration and eating well.

As a sprinter, nutrition played an important part in my preparation. With rigorous training sessions on the track and in the gym, I had to make sure that I had sufficient energy to get through them, but to also make positive steps to being a faster athlete.

Jeanette Kwakye

To compete at the highest level, your body needs to be at peak physical condition for your sport. This requires years of dedicated training and pushing your body to the maximum, but there are effective strategies for managing the stress this can bring.

Within this course, our experts will strengthen your understanding of how exercise physiology affects your preparation, while sharing with you the necessary insight and tools to help you develop your own high-performance training and recovery programmes, as well as understanding your own nutrition.

What you will learn 

The course is split into four sections:

  1. Exercise physiology
  2. Strength and conditioning
  3. Recover quicker, perform better
  4. Sports nutrition

Within each section, you’ll be provided with an overview of the respective topic, along with specialist insight that will help to strengthen your knowledge and encourage you to consider how the subject may affect you. You’ll be presented with practical measures that you can immediately apply to improve your physical condition.

As an example, within ‘Recover quicker, perform better’, you’ll be urged to identify what may be causing any stress or fatigue you are feeling before creating a recovery plan specific to your needs.

Meet your course experts 

Our team of experts include Dr Richard Winsley, Dr Jo Bowtell, Dr Michael McGuigan, Dr Aaron Coutts, Professor L. C. Cameron and former British Olympic sprinter Jeanette Kwakye. Each draw on the expertise they’ve obtained from their professional careers and extensive research studies on the human body to guide you through the course.