The course will highlight how to develop your idea, source funding and bring it to market. Prof Neirotti will share personal insights from her own business ventures and of lessons learnt over 20 years in business. You will also hear from Olympians Kirsty Coventry and Lea Davison as they talk about their own businesses and how they have used their experience as athletes to make a positive impact in their respective communities.

Meet your Course Expert

Lisa Delpy Neirotti

Lisa Delpy Neirotti has been a professor of sport, event, and tourism management at the George Washington University for 26 years. In this time Dr Delpy Neirotti has established a strong academic program at both the undergraduate and graduate level and serves as the Director of Sport Management and the Director of the Masters of Tourism Administration program. She serves on the faculty of the International Olympic Committee’s Executive Master’s In Management of Sports Organizations (MEMOS).