Turning your skills into a business

The best business plans are not simply the ones that work, but the ones that are fuelled by passion and enthusiasm. Over this course, which you can fit around your own schedule, you will be guided through the process of identifying your existing skills and interests, before turning them into a concrete business idea through a series of engaging and practical lessons and tasks.

The best place to start is yourself, and the first lesson of the programme helps you identify what is important to you and how you can transfer those values to contribute meaningfully to the business world. Building up your skills and understanding stage by stage, by the end of the process, you will have a nuanced and fully developed business idea. Whether you choose to take your business idea further or not, the process will provide invaluable experience and learnings that you can apply to all areas of your life.

Something for everyone

If the sound of business and entrepreneurship is daunting, you don’t need to worry. Identifying what’s important to you is the key part of the Business Accelerator; you don’t need to have any business experience to take part, and neither do you need to be certain about what your next career step will be.

The Business Accelerator will provide you with an opportunity to explore some of the options available to you regardless of where you’re starting from or looking to go, developing some practical soft skills along the way.

Prof. Yunus and his team have empowered millions of underprivileged people to create their own economic activity. Somehow deep inside, “every human being is an entrepreneur” as he would say, and we invite you to get to know this side of you.

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