Uncover new ways to support
the athlete in your life.

Learn what “holistic development” is in relation to elite and developing athletes.

Discover strategies to embed holistic development into your daily interactions supporting your athlete.

Be part of the success!
The course structure

There are seven topics in this course, each designed specifically around how you can support your athlete.

  1. ‘Beyond performance outcomes’ will introduce you to the idea of a holistic approach to coaching.
  2. ‘Embracing holistic development’ will focus on how a holistic approach can be applied in a constructive way.
  3. ‘It takes a village to train a successful athlete’ will cover the importance of stakeholder alignment in achieving a holistic approach.
  4. ‘Creating a climate of care’ will focus on prioritising the well-being of the athlete, especially their mental health.
  5. ‘Adopting a long-term approach’ will look at how a holistic approach should be applied over a long period of time, and why.
  6. ‘Integrating life skills’ will focus on other life skills an athlete needs to have outside their sport to create a healthy mindset and climate of care.
  7. ‘Top tips for parents’ will cover how parents can support their child, taking a holistic approach to their coaching and sporting career.
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