How to apply
Sign-up or log in
Sign-up or log in
Fill in the Athlete365 Connect form
Fill in the Athlete365 Connect form
Get invite code by email (allow 24h)
Get invite code by email (allow 24h)
Download the Greenfly app
Download the Greenfly app
Log in to Greenfly with your Athlete365 email and the invite code
Log in to Greenfly with your Athlete365 email and the invite code
Allow notifications on Greenfly
Allow notifications on Greenfly
Benefits to the athletes
  • Immediate access to your images from the Games
  • Quick easy sharing of professional photos of you competing at the games
  • Countdown and other great content to share
  • Share team success and support each other by promoting other team members’ performances
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Athlete365 Connect?

Athlete365 Connect – Powered by Greenfly is an app that allows you, the athletes, to instantly receive and download professional images of your performances at the Olympic Games, plus countdowns, exclusive campaign content and more, to share with your fans through your social media channels. 

Athlete365 Connect also provides you with the opportunity to share your content directly with our social team, which could help you reach millions of Olympic fans across the globe. 

Am I eligible for Athlete365 Connect?

This offer is currently available only to athletes competing in the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 or athletes who participated in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (Aa accreditation). 

How do I gain access to this exclusive offer?

It only takes a couple of simple steps to sign up for Athlete365 Connect – Powered by Greenfly. Go to the Athlete365 Connect page here, opt in to the offer and enter your accreditation number. This is the seven-digit number above the barcode on your accreditation. Please make sure to correctly add your sport and the NOC you are representing so you have access to the correct galleries. 

Please allow a 24-hour verification time. If you are eligible, you will receive a code and instructions on how to access the app. 

I don’t have an Athlete365 profile; how can I apply for the offer?

Signing up for an Athlete365 profile is quick, easy and free. You can sign up for Athlete365 using the links provided. After you have signed up, you will need to verify your email by entering the six-digit code sent to your email address.

How do I download and access the Greenfly app?

You can download the Greenfly app from the Apple Store or Google Play. Next, open the Greenfly app and log in with the same email you use for Athlete365. Input the code that you should have received from once your account has been verified.

If you receive the following error message when accessing the app – “Access to Greenfly with the invite code you’ve entered is restricted to specific domains. Please enter a valid email address.” – you have either not entered the same email as your Athlete365 one or we are verifying your account.

Kindly make sure you have registered for the offer with the same email address and try to log in to the app later. If your account is not active within 24 hours of signing up, please email

How do I use Athlete365 Connect?

Using the Athlete365 Connect – Powered by Greenfly app is very intuitive. You can watch the video above.

The key functionalities:

  • Make sure you allow notifications. When we have new photos to share with you, we will post them on Greenfly and you will receive a notification.
  • You can then instantly download the images or post them on your social media accounts – directly from the app. You can also browse curated galleries, such as those of your sport and your National Olympic Committee (NOC).
  • Our team may also ask you to take photos and videos. Please make sure you review the IOC Social Media Guidelines.
Is there any content I cannot share?

Please make sure to review our Social Media Guidelines and ensure you follow them. Keep in mind that you can share Olympic Games content on your personal social or digital media accounts or website, except for Olympic Games content containing audio or video of the field of play or back of house areas.

Can I use the images to promote my personal sponsor?

Please note that athletes may capture and share content for personal purposes only and not for commercial or promotional purposes (other than as set out in the IOC’s “Commercial Opportunities for Participants” document, for example in connection with official Olympic Partners).

Do I need to tag anyone in the pictures I get from Greenfly and post on my social media?

You don’t need to tag anyone, but if you want to give credit to photographers, this is of course always welcome! You can also tag the IOC and your NOC or International Federation so they can share the images.

I cannot find any of my images in the app. Can you help me?

We have shared your NOC and sport galleries with you so you can access photos from the Olympics. At the top of the gallery, tap on the search bar and type in your name, country, sport, event or event date to find your photos. We are limited by what Getty Images takes and makes available, but new photos will import automatically and are available to download and share anytime.

Can I give these photos to my friends who are competing/have competed but did not download the Greenfly app?

The app is available until the end of 2022, so please encourage your friends to sign up for the Athlete365 Connect – Powered by Greenfly offer directly. They can get their images and receive curated content from the Games.

They can sign up here:

Can I receive the videos of my performance at the Games?

Only images are available for athletes to download. Please also refer to the Social Media Guidelines with regard to content sharing, and remember that any audio/video recordings of the field of play, back of house or restricted areas are not allowed.

Any questions?

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please email or

If you have any questions related to the functionalities, you can send us a direct message via the app, or visit Greenfly’s FAQs here or by navigating to Settings > FAQ on the left-hand panel within the app.