The Outreach programme offers you the chance to participate in the Athlete365 Career+ workshops (in-person or online) available in the five continents and in over six languages. These workshops are focused on the areas of self-knowledge, life skills and employment and will help you reflect on your current and future life, with a very dynamic and hands-on approach.

The workshops are typically delivered by certified Athlete365 Career+ Educators, who are members of the Athletes’ commission, NOC/IFs, Olympians and/or Adecco experts.

The Outreach workshops support elite athletes aged 16 and older, and are very helpful for all elite athletes.

Whether it is an in-person or an online workshop, we guarantee that you will be empowered to achieve lifelong excellence!

The workshops will help you...

Reflect on the need to plan early for your career beyond sport.

Realise the need to balance sport with study and other activities.

Developing your self-knowledge.

Learn how to transfer the skills learned in sports to the labour market.

Begin to set a plan for your career development.

Identify learning and development opportunities.

In-person workshops

An Outreach in-person workshop is usually organised in collaboration with your National Olympic Committee. It comprises a series of six-eight modules that can take place on one day or over a series of days. (6 to 12 hours). The module length typically ranges from 1 to 2.5 hours. The modules are progressive in their sequence beginning with self-reflection and followed by more practical exercises. 

The topics include:

  • Self-discovery and goal setting (with 4 sub-modules)
  • Networking
  • CV/résumé and Interviewing
  • Dual career
  • Entrepreneurship

How can I attend?

To join an in-person workshop, please contact your National Olympic Committee. To know if there are workshops planned in your country in the current year, please check the calendar below. If you are athlete commission representative and would like to organise a workshop in your country, please contact career@olympic.org.

Online workshops

Athlete365 Career+ launched the “Power Up” online workshops in 2020 an alternative way to support you on your self-discovery and career development journey, when in-person workshops are not available.

The Power Up online workshops are open to all athletes and entourage from 16 years old and are organised throughout the year in different time zones and in various languages.

Learn more about the Power Up workshops, hear from other participants and their experiences and sign up now for our next workshops!

Get in touch

If you have questions about the outreach programme please contact the IOC at  career@olympic.org .

What athletes have to say?
Using Athlete365 Career+ helped me build self-knowledge beyond the world of sports.
The workshop exercises provided me with insights to key skills such as networking and interview technique.
It made me realise that we should have a balance between sport and studies to become a holistic person in the future and to move forward with our career.
The workshop was very insightful for me personally. We had the chance to meet other athletes from Lebanon and learnt about the types of characteristics that will help us achieve exactly what we want to do later in life.