Since the launch of the Athlete365 Career+ Outreach programme in 2009, more than 11,000 athletes from over 110 NOCs have benefited from these interactive workshops which focus on self-discovery and career transition.

The in-person workshops are organised in collaboration with your NOCs, IFs and ACs, and other Olympic Movement organisations. Olympic Solidarity financial support is available for NOCs to organise these workshops for their athletes, too.

Now compatible with online teaching and with revamped content, the Power Up Global online workshops are open to all athletes and entourage members.

I learned a lot about myself and what kind of jobs I would like. It was very helpful, and I improved my social skills.

Carol Kuuskman

There comes a day in every athlete’s career when you compete for the final time. No matter what level you performed at, it is never easy to say goodbye to doing what you love. But by preparing well, the transition to life after sport can become much easier.

At the first International Athletes’ Forum in 2002, it was identified that athletes’ career transitions must become a key focus for both athletes and sporting bodies around the world. More support and guidance were clearly needed – and we listened.

Foundations of the Outreach programme

The Outreach programme was designed to extend the benefits of the Athlete Career Programme (now renamed as Athlete365 Career+) to those countries that had no local programmes available to support athletes along their career. The Athlete365 Career+ Outreach programme was piloted in 2007 in Senegal, with an official launch two years later, and has evolved into a valuable resource for athletes.

Engaging four to six-hour interactive modules provide guidance to groups of 20 to 30 athletes and serve as the first step in creating awareness about a transition to life after sport. The programme is typically delivered by certified educators trained by the IOC, often Olympians, athlete representatives, NOC/IF staff or experts from The Adecco Group.

Estonian cyclist Carol Kuuskman, who attended an Outreach workshop, said: “I learned a lot about myself and what kind of jobs I would like. It was very helpful, and I improved my social skills.”

Development and evolution

As the programme has grown in popularity, the content has evolved. Interests, skills, values and strengths were a core focus when the Outreach programme launched, and now examining athletes’ passions, purpose and desire to make an impact in the world are part of the course. The goal is not only to help you discover yourself, but to allow you to transfer what you learned in sport to the world of work.

Since its launch, the Athlete365 Career+ Outreach programme has delivered in-person workshops in 100 countries. In 2019, 45 different workshops took place in 12 languages, improving accessibility for athletes from across the globe.

And in 2020, the “Power Up” online workshops were launched. This online edition of the Outreach programme is divided into four 90-minute sessions and aims to build a foundation for increased self-knowledge, confidence, self-esteem and leadership capacity among athletes and the entourage. With the Power Up workshops available remotely in different languages, it offers you a new pathway to learning.

Between July 2020 and February 2021, over 500 participants (athletes and entourage members) from more than 60 countries and five continents joined the Power Up Global online workshops. The eight online Global workshops (four in English and one in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic) provided an amazing opportunity for athletes to join from around the world. In addition, three NOCs and one IF hosted workshops for their athletes, in most cases as part of their Athletes’ Commission or education/athlete support initiatives.

This workshop made me see things in perspective. Where I am now, where I am heading, to find purpose and passion and what I want to do in the future.

Javier Raya

What athletes have to say

The Global workshops were extremely well received by participants. One hundred per cent of the survey respondents would recommend the workshops to other athletes, and 99 per cent felt empowered and found it valuable for their life.

“This workshop made me see things in perspective. Where I am now, where I am heading, to find purpose and passion and what I want to do in the future,” said Javier Raya, an Olympian figure skater from Spain.

For Mathilde Petitjean, a cross-country skier representing Togo, the workshop allowed her “to find her centre”. She also appreciated the fact that the workshop was available in her native language.

And in the words of David Thibodeau, a swimmer from Canada: “During the workshop, I realised how much sport has prepared me and set me up for success in my career.”

The key outcomes from this workshop for most participants were: “Learning about myself and who I am, exchanging and listening to others’ stories, exploring and finding my purpose and passion, gaining confidence and motivation, taking time for reflection, planning, goal setting, and finding direction.”

Future Power Up workshops

Given the enormous success and positive impact of these workshops, Athlete365 Career+ has set up the calendar of Global online workshops for 2021. In addition, NOCs and IFs can apply to host online workshops for their athletes.

More information about the Power Up workshops is available here.

You can learn more about how you can transition from sport into the workplace with Athlete365 Career+