Mentors will be selected from a network of Intel employees across a range of backgrounds.

You will be able to develop a career path with your mentor and learn skills from planning to leadership.

To register for this incredible opportunity, fill in the form here and tick the box for the “Intel Mentoring Program”.

As part of our exciting partnership with Intel, we are offering you exclusive mentoring services to help you develop your personal and professional skills, and transition into your next career.

Provided you’re an Olympian, Paralympian, and/or elite athlete over the age of 18, you simply have to sign up using our form to receive ongoing, one-to-one support, over a one-year period, from one of the experts selected from across the Intel network.

How does the Intel Mentoring Program work? 

Once you’ve registered, you will be matched with a mentor based on your country, language, category of interests, and needs, which could include anything from career planning to leadership skills.

The mentors will be selected from a network of experienced Intel employees with a range of technical and non-technical backgrounds, and from all over the world.

The Intel Mentoring Program is in effect for one year, and once you’ve been matched, your mentor will reach out to you to set up a plan for making the most of your time together.

What will I gain from the Intel Mentoring Program? 

As part of the offer, you will have access to courses from Intel’s Learning Network, some of which have been designed by the mentors themselves. These courses are curated and adapted specifically to be relevant to the global athlete community, building your competency in some of the most in-demand and essential skillsets employers are looking for in the evolving workplace of the future.

Over time, your mentor will also leverage Intel and the IOC’s extensive network of companies and partners to identify and facilitate opportunities for you, from internships to longer-term roles. By the end of the programme, you can expect to have a wider professional network of your own, and a carefully planned career path built around your skills and interests.

To register for this incredible opportunity, complete the registration form and tick the box for the Intel Mentoring Program. We’ll match you with a mentor suited to your location, language, interests, and needs, and they’ll be in touch in due course.