The Athlete365 Business Accelerator is an entrepreneurial journey funded by Olympic Solidarity which gives Olympians the tools and knowledge to launch their own business.

Phases one and two invited Olympians to a virtual bootcamp and a six-lesson online course respectively, where attendees received expert advice on how to develop a business idea.

For the 28 selected Olympians, the third phase of the Business Accelerator will start with a one-hour introduction in August, and then get fully underway in September.

Following the completion of phases one and two, 28 athlete entrepreneurs have been invited to the third and final phase of the Athlete365 Business Accelerator.

Kicking off with a one-hour hangout introduction on the 18th of August, this Acceleration phase provides participants with training from global business experts and support from local mentors over a six-month period to help their business progress from idea to launch.

Congratulations to our 28 Olympians who have been pre-selected to join the Acceleration phase, given approval by their local NOC in collaboration with the Olympic Solidarity and we look forward to seeing your promising ideas develop into sustainable businesses.

What is the Athlete365 Business Accelerator?

The Athlete365 Business Accelerator is open to you and your fellow Olympians to support your business ideas. This entrepreneurial journey helps you develop and refine your innovative plans through online courses, with industry experts and local mentors in place to help you every step of the way.

Whether you’ve retired from your sporting career, or you’re looking for a business to start alongside your training and competition, the Business Accelerator can help form the perfect plan for you.

The first phase of the Business Accelerator invites registered Olympians to a virtual three-hour bootcamp delivered by industry experts. Olympians from around the world have the opportunity to join this bootcamp which is hosted in English, French and Spanish and is tailored individually to each region. The next round of bootcamps will be held in 2022.

Phase two expands on your learning and helps you turn your idea into a genuine business plan with a six-lesson online course, while you also have the opportunity to connect and network with other athlete entrepreneurs. Selected Olympians then progress to the acceleration phase.

Do you have your own business idea that you want to make a reality with the Athlete365 Business Accelerator? Our online course is available for you to complete any time and will help you decide whether entrepreneurship is for you.