Athlete365 Career+ can help you learn how to transfer your skills from sport to the workplace and develop key skills such as networking and interviewing.

We spoke to five athletes who received the dedicated, bespoke support of the programme and wanted to share their positive experiences.

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Delivered in cooperation with The Adecco Group, Career+ provides resources focusing on three main pillars – learning, life skills and employment – while also offering coaching and career development, help in identifying existing skills, and assistance in finding jobs and internships. The skills and characteristics that made you an elite athlete will help you transition smoothly into a career after sport. Here are five athletes who have flourished off the field of play with the support of Athlete365 Career+.

Lawrence Ndlovu OLY (South Africa), rowing

A gold medal winner in the lightweight coxless four at London 2012, Lawrence attended a Career+ workshop in Johannesburg, which encouraged him to start planning for his life after sport.

“The session explored developing a career path after retirement from elite competition, and it was a real eye-opener. I never really thought of or planned for my future beyond rowing. It gave me a new focus and a new outlook on life,” says Lawrence.

“The workshop exercises also provided me with insights to key skills such as networking and interview technique.”



Metin Coruk (Turkey), boxing

Metin was struggling to find a job to support his sporting ambitions until he received advice from an Adecco Athlete365 Career+ coach, who showed him how the discipline and dedication he had shown in the boxing ring was transferable to the working world.

“In my boxing life, I’ve benefited from being trained by top professionals. Now, Athlete365 Career+ has helped me to develop the professional approach required to get between the ropes of the working world with confidence,” says Metin.

“I’ve now got the best of both worlds – the flexibility to pursue my sporting dreams and a start on the career ladder, which gives me an income, experience and prospects for the long term.”

Veronica Day (USA), skeleton

Veronica was a long and triple jumper before turning her attention to skeleton, but she also wanted to ensure that her long-term career prospects remained on track. Through Athlete365 Career+, Veronica was able to find a flexible marketing and events role that often allows her to work remotely – perfect for an athlete who travels regularly.

“When I’m done with sport, I want to make sure my skills are up to par with everyone else in the market. I don’t want the résumé of a recent graduate who finished eight years earlier. I want to continue to learn and keep up to date,” says Veronica.

“Athlete365 Career+ has helped me get a great job and develop my career skills, while earning a living and still training and competing at the elite level.



Susana Feitor OLY(Portugal), athletics

Susana, a race walker and veteran of five Olympic Games, was worried about making the transition from sport into work, until she found help through Athlete365 Career+.

“I was going to leave a career that has been my life for 20 years and start another, and that was daunting. I wanted to feel secure and happy in my ‘new skin’. Using the Athlete365 Career+ programme helped me to build self-knowledge beyond the world of sports. I discovered that I possess skills that will help me in professional life,” says Susana.

“It’s also helped me balance better the competing interests of competition, training, study, friends and family. I was able to start building a network of contacts that will put me on the road to success in professional life, and I can see the value the programme brings to athletes seeking to transition to a working life after sport.”

Nathalie Meier (Switzerland), athletics

It is not only athletes reaching the end of their careers who can benefit from the Athlete365 Career+ programme. Young athletes like Nathalie, who competed at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, are also finding the resources helpful, as they try to develop a dual career combining sport and work.

“Athlete365 Career+ sessions have helped me to build my confidence about my work prospects. I now realise that the skills I have developed balancing sport and education, as well as the teamwork approach I have developed with my javelin teammates and coach, will be a valued asset in the workplace – and it can be for you too,” says Nathalie.

“I’m aiming high in sport, work and life, and Athlete365 Career+ gives me the support and knowledge I need to hit those heights.”

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